Mindful Mondays: Staying Motivated

Last week I presented some quotes to help with motivation. This week here are some proactive tips to help you stay on track.

There are many things in life that can easily knock you off your path. One of two things can happen, we can dwell on the situation so much we loose sight of our vision and motivation, or we can see it as an obstacle but use it as fuel to fight and push through. Either way the universe is molding and strengthening us.

The mind is complex but simple. When things are going well, we are on track, happy and ready to embrace life. When something happens we tend to dwell on that one thing and forget that life goes on. Remember, life is an evolving force of energy and we always want the flow of positive energy surrounding us.

Here are some tips to stay motivated when obstacles appear.

Find the root of your motivation and pull from that.

Understand that an obstacle is like a training ground for strength and better situations to come.

Write down the situation. Start with your feelings, next, write down the issue, then, make a list as to why it is an obstacle, finally, write down some possible solutions.

Talk about it. Sometimes when you verbalize your issue you can come to your own conclusion and create.

Learn the lesson and remember it. Lessons will repeat themselves until you finally get it. Stop making the same mistakes.

What do you do to stay motivated when obstacles appear?

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