Celebrate Earth Day: Mind, Body and Soul

Happy Earth Day!

This week for Wellness Wednesdays, Calming Corners is helping you celebrate Earth Day for your mind, body and soul. There are many activities to participate in for Earth Day. We want you to embrace today but celebrate preserving the earth for future generations all year long. The following are some tips to keep you and the earth well.

Think- simple enough but many of us don’t do it. I will repeat… think. Try this before you do anything. With thinking ask yourself the right questions and be honest and real with your answers. This will not only help you, but others around you as well.

Listen- another simple thing to do. Many of us hear, and come to our own conclusions, but we must listen. Listen to what people are telling you, listen to what you are telling yourself. Trust the voice inside of you, it will not lead you wrong.

Preserve – not so simple but it is possible. Preserve your energy and the energy around you. With out self care you can’t be your best. In order to be your best, you need a clear mind body and soul, and then you will be able to have energy to pay attention to your surroundings and others. You can’t help or take care of anyone or anything unless you have the ability to take care of yourself.

Breathe – it will keep you alive. Strong deep breaths will help you clear your head, calm down and move forward.

Move – movement is essential. Exercising brings so many benefits to your life. Take a walk, jog with a friend, or dance. What ever gets you moving do it.

Play – it is important. There is nothing like clearing your mind and simply playing. We are all hard working individuals. Playing brings perspective.

Love – it starts with you. Find the love within yourself, it is only then you will build true confidence. You can’t hide confidence behind your accomplishments, job or title. Your existence started with your truest self. Sometimes it takes going back to basics.

Communicate – use your words. Tell people how you feel, let go of your ego. Sometimes we are so afraid to share our feelings we miss out on opportunities because of fear. Communication is important regarding all aspects of your life. Learn how to communicate clearly and efficiently.

Live well- this is all you really can do. If you are giving your 210% every day and doing the best you can, then let karma take care of the rest.

Give – it keeps you whole. Giving, volunteering, and donating. Find a cause and help others anyway that you can. If it is an organization, friend or family member we all have talents or capability to help others. It will make you feel good.

This list of ways to embrace earth day is in no particular orders there is a purpose here. Each of these things will help you and the earth. To put these elements into earthly perspective.

Everyday that we get up, we are GIVEN oxygen to BREATHE and go about our daily tasks. As we eat, drink, COMMUNICATE, PLAY and work we are using the earth’s resources. That is why we must be mindful of what we do. PERSERVE the earth by LIVING WELL, eating healthy and showing LOVE. LISTEN and THINK as you MOVE throughout your day. Treat the Earth as you would want to be treated.

What are you doing to celebrate Earth Day?

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